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3D visualization and animation of real estate VFX, CGI

December 11, 2020
Author: Admin

The most demanded direction even 15 years ago in 3D animation was the production of 3D interior. The boom in property purchases has sparked a demand for interior visualization when buying an apartment from a developer. A lot of ads from freelancers and mini-companies for the production of 3D design of apartments and houses appeared. A lot of 3D programs for visualization of interiors and design appeared in high demand, but a niche for the production of 3D visualization of real estate (often commercial projects and high-rise buildings of new buildings) of the buildings themselves remained free.

The demand for the purchase of real estate has provoked the need for the visualization of buildings and apartments even at the stage of construction. The sale of apartments, offices and houses, in which only the excavation is being made, became the main topic of the sale. The tenants’ share contributions stand up to the object themselves, but how to sell an apartment to this tenant when the exterior of the house is not yet available?

At the design stage, this very project is sent to the visualization studio, where, on the basis of the project’s layout, a 3D model of the building, shopping center, new buildings is created with photographic accuracy.

It is the photographic quality of the 3D model that is as close to life as possible and is called CGI and VFX.

VFX – (in the common people I call visual effects) – this is the creation of a 3D model of such quality, which in no way can be distinguished from the real built. The highest quality textures and the number of polygons produces a quality comparable to reality and indistinguishable to the human eye.

This kind of texture creation requires high quality 3D designer skill and a fair amount of time.

An example of such a video can be seen in our collection of works by the link – https://www.gongfilm.com/rabota/3d-visualization-of-real-estate-vfx-cgi/

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